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Civil Litigation

In disputes over money and property, sometimes, an attorney’s legal advice just isn’t enough.  You may need a law office with litigators – lawyers trained to fight and win in court.  In accidents involving a car crash, we study the severity of your injury or the impact of a family member’s death, and won’t settle for a quick recovery on an insurance claim.  We are prepared to go to trial.  If behind on your mortgage and the bank sues you in foreclosure, we are ready to dispute the closing contracts and creditors’ allegations in court, which increases your chance of obtaining a short sale or loan modification.  If you’ve lost a loved one, you may need representation in probate court to file a will, distribute a trust or transfer a deed.  When marriages result in divorce, child support and child custody disputes, you need representation in family court.  We are litigators, and we look forward to protecting you in court.