Think Estate Planning is only for the wealthy? Think again…

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at

Got Kids? Name their guardians!

Got a Pet? Make sure someone is prepared to care for it when you can’t.

Got Perfect Health? Neither do we, so make sure you have a Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate and Living Will. That way someone can help you if anything should happen.

Got Bills? If something happens to you and you’re in a temporary coma, who will pay your rent, mortgage, credit cards, etc.? Even worse, if you die, do you really want what little you’ve left for your family to be eaten up by late fees and interest?

Got Bank Accounts? You can access them in an emergency, but if you’re in a coma or even pass away, your friendly bank teller becomes very temperamental with your money.

Got Property? Make sure it goes to whom it is intended – the Government gets enough. Additionally, if you own property jointly, you might be very surprised at who owns what if one of you dies.

Got Online Accounts? (Facebook, Online Banking, Twitter, Email, etc.) Make sure you have given legal access to someone that will have access to them if anything should happen to you.