Another Home Saved from Foreclosure!

We are proud to announce another successful loan modification!  Even though the bank had filed a foreclosure action, we were able to apply for, negotiate and obtain a favorable loan modification while simultaneously fighting the case in court.  Some of the highlights are as follows:

It ain’t over ’til it’s over

Although we’re delighted to join in our clients’ excitement, there remains work to be done. After having entered into one of these favorable agreements with the bank, most people would believe that their case has been closed and the lawsuit has been dismissed; however, our extensive and successful track record has shown the opposite is true.  These cases remain open in court records and need to be closed by an attorney!  Remember – the bank hired its attorneys to win its case just like our clients have hired us.  If the bank works out a deal with you but never tells its attorneys, the bank’s attorneys will continue to race to the finish line.

Every case is special

While this case is only one example of the type of results that we’ve obtained, it is important to understand that each case is unique.  The one constant is our dedication – we ensure that our clients’ cases are seen through to the very last step.  If you are considering entering or have entered into an agreement with a bank and have not yet taken the necessary steps to close your case, we encourage you to hire an experienced attorney to do so.