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Real Estate

Whether you are getting a bank loan to purchase a home, fielding offers for a short sale, or submitting contracts on a house for lease, our attorneys understand that home is where the heart is.  Too often, the mortgage and condo riders, HUD and closing documents, or a rental lease agreement were prepared by realtors or agents – not lawyers.  The fact is the realtor or broker can’t help you when the lender has sent you a notice of default or foreclosure.  It’s important to understand the difference between refinancing, modification, short sale and deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Our expertise will help you understand and protect your property rights – even if you’re only coming to us after the fact.  Additionally, if you are a landlord or tenant dealing with issues involving rent or lease agreements, there are very specific rules and deadlines that we can use to protect your rights.  Whether it’s in an office or court, we will protect you.